New or Updated in January 2010

Although I do not intend to publish new material on Windows until I find secure funding for full-time research and writing, I have continued the updating that I began in December 2009. Some pages from the Kernel Mode section that were updated then have been updated further, but I do not list them again just because the work crossed an arbitrary line in the calendar. If you get anything of value from this updating, then please support this site. Doing so may even encourage me to move on to some real work when I’m done with this bookkeeping.

An upgrade to Microsoft Expression Web 3 makes for more pages to update. Most are just to note that easily demonstrable bugs in this program’s basic functionality persist from the original version. A new page records that the new program crashes reliably from just a few simple steps (taking six mouse clicks) even when newly installed.

A substantial new page came from looking at the Internet Explorer bug at the heart of this month’s allegations of hacking Google (and others) from China.


Kernel Mode