Geoff Chappell, Software Analyst

You have come to a website that has grown out of an academic interest in studying what software actually does. There are nearly 2,000 pages here and I do hope you will find at least something that satisfies.

Unfortunately, the URL that got you here is no longer supported. Either your browser has not run the client-side scripts that would automatically provide for backwards compatibility or those scripts have not worked properly. I certainly do not require that you run any scripts to browse this website, but without them you will have to compose a new URL manually if you want to proceed.

In the URL that got you here, while it’s still in your browser’s address bar, look past the domain name and forward slash. If the next characters are “viewer.htm?doc=” (without the quotes), then just delete those characters and refresh the page. For instance, change


If there is no “viewer.htm?doc=” in the URL, then it would seem that someone actually did intend for you to find this error page. Please start at the home page instead.