HAL Exports Added For Version 5.2

No exports were added to the 32-bit HAL for any known build of version 5.2, i.e., for Windows Server 2003. However, several were introduced for the 64-bit HAL in Windows Server 2003 SP1. None are documented. Three do not survive even to the next version.

Function Remarks
HalCallBios x64 only;
discontinued in 6.2
HalHandleMcheck x64 only
HalIsHyperThreadingEnabled x64 only
HalSendNMI x64 only
HalSendSoftwareInterrupt x64 only
x86 also in 10.0 and higher
x86BiosExecuteInterrupt x64 only;
discontinued in 6.0
x86BiosInitializeBiosEx x64 only;
discontinued in 6.0
x86BiosTranslateAddress x64 only;
discontinued in 6.0